The Dairy and Environmental Systems Conference, held July 29-31, 2015, featured a unique opportunity for participants to learn about emerging dairy housing and manure management systems in conjunction with regional climate trends and national and international drivers, along with adaptation strategies for the Northeast and upper mid-west U.S.  The main goals of the conference were to equip attendees with state-of-the-art knowledge on manure handling systems and climate adaptation strategies, as well as to explore the intrinsic connection between climate trends for the Northeastern U.S., on-farm adaptation strategies, and related dairy environmental management issues.


Dairy Environmental Systems and Climate Adaptations Conference
Day 1: July 29, 2015

Northeast Experiences with Climate, Weather and the Dairy Industry
Art DeGaetano (Cornell) 

Animal Agriculture and a Changing Climate – Creating Climate-Smart Solutions
Bill Hohenstein (Director, USDA Climate Change Program) 

Animal Agriculture and Climate Change: A National Extension Approach 
Rick Stowell (University of Nebraska)

Sustainable Intensification of Animal Agriculture to satisfy Human Nutritional Needs and Protect the Environment
Frank Mitloehner (University of California, Davis)

Evaluating Strategies for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change for a New York Dairy 
Farm Al Rotz (USDA-ARS)

Impacts of Climate Change on Manure Management
Peter Wright (NRCS)

Climate Science Part I: Basic Climate Science 
Pam Knox (U. of Georgia)

Climate Science Part II: Climate Models and Projecting Future Climate

Pam Knox (U. of Georgia)

Forecast Needs for Dairy Systems Under Climate Change

Stephen Jascourt (MDA Information Systems, LLC)

ABC's of Farm-Based GHG

David Smith (TAMU)

Potential Use of LCA to Prioritize Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies

Greg Thoma (U. of Arkansas)

Carbon Markets Update: Project Examples, Costs, Returns, Lessons Learned
Patrick Wood (Ag Methane Advisors)

What are the Best Tools Developed to Predict GHGs?

Wendy Powers (MI State)

Keynote Address: Hans Jöhr (Nestlé)
International Issues with Agriculture and Climate Change


Dairy Environmental Systems and  Climate Adaptations Conference
Day 2, July 30, 2015

Climate Change and Northeast Dairy: Challenges and Opportunities
David Wolfe (Cornell)

Climate Change Impacts on the Dairy Industry
Larry Chase (Cornell)

Farmer Panel: Farmers’  Perspectives on Climate Change, Climate Adaptation, and Sustainability in a Commodities-based Market
California Dreaming: John Fiscalini

Whole Farm Best Practices: Doug Young

Dairy Farmer’s Perspective on Sustainability: Skip Hardie

USDA Northeast Climate Hub: Delivering Science-based Knowledge and Practical Information
Howard Skinner (USDA-ARS)

Changing Agricultural Insurance Needs
Jeremy Forrett (Farm Credit)

New York’s 2015 State Energy Plan: Reforming the Energy Vision
Tom Fiesinger (NYSERDA)

Does Solar Power Fit Into Your Farm's Future?
Dick Peterson (Northeast Agriculture Technology Corp.)

New Revenue for Digesters: The Renewable Fuel Standard and Low Carbon Fuel Standard
David McCullough (Sutherland, Asbill and Brennan)

 Lifecycle and Economic Assessment for NYS Dairy Co-digestion 
Joseph Usack (Cornell)

Biogas Opportunities Roadmap: Voluntary actions to reduce methane emissions and increase energy independence 
Allison Costa (AgSTAR)

The Current State of Carbon Credits and Carbon Markets
Jim Jensen (WSU)

Carbon Markets Update: Project Examples, Costs, Returns, Lessons Learned
Patrick Wood (Ag Methane Advisors)

Tools and Technologies to Assess Heat Stress on Commercial Dairies
Todd Bilby (Merck Animal Health)

Production and Physiological Responses of Heat-Stressed Lactating Dairy Cattle to Conductive Cooling
Kristen Perano (Cornell)

Cow of the Future 
Juan Tricarico (DMI)

Impact Of Heat Stress On Reproductive Function And Performance Of Dairy Cattle
Julio Giordano (Cornell)

Heat Stress Abatement Techniques for Dairy Cattle
Dan McFarland (PSU)

Using the CNCPS to Formulate Cattle Diets Containing Forages Resulting from Harsher Climatic Conditions
Mariann Fessenden (AMTS)

Effects Of Dairy Manure Management On Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Costs Of Mitigation
Jeni Wightman (Cornell)

Herd Management Strategies to Reduce Methane Emissions in Dairy Herds
Larry Chase (Cornell)

Carbon Sequestration Potential of Grazed Pasture Depends on Prior Management History
Howard Skinner (USDA-ARS)

Addressing Controversial Issues in Extension Teaching
Andrea Lorek-Strauss (U. of Minnesota Ext.)

Extension Panel: How to Communicate if your Audience Isn’t Listening
Cornell Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture: Allison Chatrchyan
Are Maine Farmers Adequately Concerned about Climate Change: John  Jemison
Panel Presentation: Kimberley Morrill

Using Technology to Optimize Crop Production in a Changing Climate
Todd DuMond (DuMond Ag)

Development of Seasonal Forecast Tools
Toby Ault (Cornell)

Adapt N: A Computational Tool for Precise Nitrogen Recommendations that Incorporate Weather Data
Jeff Melkonian (Cornell)

Integrating Anaerobic Digestion and Nutrient Separation: A Synergistic Partnership

John Budaj (McLanahan)

GHG Emissions from Injected vs. Surface Applied Dairy Liquid Manure in Alfalfa and Grassland

Amir Sadeghpour (Cornell)

Gypsum Bedding Impact on H2S Release from Dairy Manure Storage

Mike Hile (PSU)

Dairy Environmental Systems and  Climate Adaptations Conference
Poster Session 1, July 29, 2015

Aussie Cows on Sustainable Farms Still Feeling the Heat with Extreme Events
Melissa Balas, Bega Cheese Limited – Australia

Recycling Agricultural Plastics in Dairy Production
Nate Leonard, Cornell University

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Dairy Manure Land Applications with Tannin Feeding Trials
Claire Campbell, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Dairy Environmental Systems and  Climate Adaptations Conference
Poster Session 2, July 30, 2015

Heat Flux and Condensation Rate in Conductive Cooling Systems for Thermally Stressed Dairy Cattle
Kristen Perano, Cornell University

Use of Udder Skin Temperature as a Heat Stress Indicator in Lactating Dairy Cattle
Kristen Perano, Cornell University

Nitrogen- vs Phosphorus-Based Manure and Compost Management of Corn: From Corn Performance to Soil and Environment Quality
Amir Sadeghpour, Cornell University

Greenhouse Gases Emissions from Nitrogen- vs Phosphorus-Based Manure and Compost Management of Grain Corn
Amir Sadeghpour, Cornell University

A Sustainable Waste to Energy Path: The Benefits from Organic Waste and Manure in New Jersey
Qing Li, Rutgers University

Quantifying Methane, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Farm-Scale Separating and Composting of Dairy Manure in Canada
Melanie Fillingham, 
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

 Farm-Scale Measurement of Methane Emissions from Liquid Manure Storages Over Two Years
Hambaliou Balde, 
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

 Potential for Manure Treatment to Reduce Methane Emissions
Andy VanderZaag, 
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Sustainable Dairy Forage Rotations
Alejandra Ponce de Leon, USDA-ARS